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What is a responsive website and do I need one?

A responsive website is a site which automatically adjusts its layout for the width of the device used to view it. Once upon a time, websites existed in only one form and were designed for display on a desktop or laptop. Then with the rise of the smartphone, some began offering a separate mobile version of their website, with a narrow width layout designed to look good and function well on a handheld device.

Now, however, handheld devices come in a vast array of widths and it has become impractical to try to provide each with its own appropriately styled copy of the site. Instead, a responsive design can accomodate any screen width, with a fluid layout that rearranges its components according to the width of the browser window.

Responsive designs can also be adaptive, using progressive enhancement to offer different user experiences at different widths, so that desktop visitors can enjoy the enriched environment that their greater bandwidth and processing power allow, while mobile visitors can access the same content at the same url without incurring heavy data costs.

What’s more, responsive design is the mobile configuration recommended in Google’s guide to mobile SEO. And Google recently announced that it will be expanding its “use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal”, so having a responsive website will mean better placement in mobile search results, and the potential to bring more traffic to your site.

So do you need a responsive website? Well, given the growing trend in mobile internet access, I think the answer is almost certainly yes!

How do you come up with the design for my new site?

I always start by trying to get a feel for the kind of design you are drawn to and how you see the purpose of your site. Sometimes there will be a feature of your website content that will move the design in a particular direction, or perhaps a certain photo will become a jumping off point. But in the end, it is your approval of the mock-up that will determine the final result. After all, your website will be your calling card on the internet, and you must be 100% satisfied with the design before I will proceed with its implementation.

I already have my own design ideas. Can you work with them?

Yes, I am happy to flesh out your design concepts and to create custom graphics as needed. And if you have existing logos/branding or an established visual identity that must be reflected in your design, I’m comfortable working within the parameters of your style guide.

How long does it take to complete a project?

Well, of course it depends somewhat on the project, but generally I like to allow a minimum of 3 weeks for ideas to gel and to create the initial mock-ups and then anywhere from a few days to a month or more (depending on the size of the project) to implement the design in code and create all the pages of the site.

Note: There is often a wait of several weeks or more before I am free to start work on a new site, so let me know as soon as possible if you would like me to add your project to my schedule.

How much does a custom website cost?

Honestly, this depends on the project too. And for this reason, I always quote on a per project basis. Certainly a completely original design with custom graphics will always be more expensive than working with a pre-designed template, but there are a range of other possibilities to consider as well. Will the site be responsive? Will you have need of special features such as image slide shows, customized forms, embedded videos, etc.? Will you require a custom designed theme for a content management system (CMS) such as Wordpress? And how large will the site be in terms of pages, quantity of text and number of images? The more information you can supply at the outset, the more accurately I can estimate the cost of the entire project.

Feel free to ask me for a quote. My fees are reasonable and there's no hard sell.

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