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web design

web design

digital magic & crafty code

I specialize in one-of-a-kind websites—no generic templates, no clip-art, no recycled themes. I devise custom layouts, create original graphics and ensure seamless functionality, providing you with a flawless internet presence and treating your online visitors to a unique and memorable web experience.

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Responsive layouts auto­matical­ly re­arrange con­tent for dif­fer­ent screen sizes.

Curious about responsive layouts? Learn more...


pencils & pixels

“...colourful and detailed illustrations draw the eye...”
—Quill & Quire


My illustrations in both traditional and digital media appear in more than a dozen picture books as well as children’s novels, textbooks and anthologies. Read more...

Fun with illustration + code... see it in motion:

about Alice

once upon a time...

When I was a kid trying to answer the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, I couldn’t have conceived of a future in which the strokes of the pen I was holding would conjure a digital image on a computer screen, nor imagine that my addiction to puzzles might one day translate into playing with CSS and JavaScript. But here I am: a Wacom-stylus-wielding artful coder, painting with pixels and getting giddy over the latest innovations in web design...